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anticoagulants and something about elisa

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I bought 2 products from mabtech.The products code naming 3430-1H-20 and 3420-1H-20 respectively.I want to clarify the cytokines in the plasmaAnd I wonder that what anticoagulants are recommended because it does not mentioned in the instruction book.

If I can not centrifuge blood at once how I should  store the samples.At room temperature or they are recommended to store in refrigerator at 4-8 degree Celsius?

Thank you.

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Hey There,

For ELISA we do not have specific requirements on the anticoagulant. Use what you have available. Many cytokines will degrade over time if stored long term in 4-8C. 

So for studies of cytokines in plasma it is best to store them in -80C. 






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