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Specificity Mouse apoA-I ELISA

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Hi Dr. R,


Thank you for your question!


Yes, the mouse apoA1 ELISA assay is specific for mouse apoA1 and does not detect human apoA1. You should be aware that the buffer included in the kit is necessary for an accurate measurement of mouse apoA1, however this buffer does not contain any HAMA-blocking proteins so if you run human plasma in the mouse apoA1 ELISA a HAMA-effect might influence the results. This is of course not an issue if you will analyze mouse samples expressing human apoA1.


The human apoA1 ELISA does not detect mouse apoA1, but it seems as mouse plasma is rather sticky so during low dilutions (1:10) it might give an unspecific signal.


This is a link to our mouse apoA1 ELISA kit: https://www.mabtech.com/products/3750-1hp-2_mouse-apoa1-elisapro-kit


This is a link to our human apoA1 ELISA kit: https://www.mabtech.com/products/3710-1hp-2_human-apoa1-elisapro-kit


Best regards,

Lena Beckman

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