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ELISA kit to measure anti-IgE antibodies

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Hi L,

So, you don’t want to measure human IgE, but measure anti-IgE-antibodies. What you’re looking for is a sort of antigen-specific immunoglobulin-ELISA where the antigen in this case is the protein IgE. For this purpose, human IgE needs to be coated in the bottom of the ELISA-plate wells, as seen in the left image in this link: https://www.mabtech.com/knowledge-center/assay-principles/elisa-assay-principle/ig-elisa

By serially diluting the test sample (presumably serum or plasma) and adding this to the IgE-coated ELISA plate, all anti-IgE antibodies present in the sample will be bound to the IgE-protein and can be detected by a secondary detection antibody. If the detection antibody is a mouse anti-human IgG (as it is in our human IgG ELISA development kit), then you will get an estimate of the anti-IgE antibody titer (in this case of subtype IgG). At least this should be the case as long as the anti-IgE antibodies recognize IgE in general and are not idiotype or allotype specific.


If other subtypes than IgG are interesting, then other kits, like IgA or IgM ELISA development kits, can be used. I’ve filtered out the relevant ELISA kits in this link: https://www.mabtech.com/products?field_category_tid=66&field_analyte_tid[]=88&field_analyte_tid[]=90&field_analyte_tid[]=91&field_reactivity_ref_tid[]=161&items_per_page=20&page=0


Please note that the ELISA development kits mentioned above need to be complemented with ELISA plates (we can’t provide that, must be bought from another vendor) and pNPP ELISA substrate: https://www.mabtech.com/products/3652-p10_pnpp-elisa-substrate

Additionally, we do not sell purified IgE and you cannot use our IgE standard for the purpose of coating, because our standards contain BSA. But there are several companies that sell purified human IgE without BSA, just google around and I'm sure you will find several to choose from. 


I hope this info helps!


Kind regards,

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