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Can I use the same ELISA plate washer for FluoroSpot?

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Hi Mabtech,

I am currently running Flurospot plates from Mabtech. I have a general question when it comes to washing plates for the Flurospot: Would you recommend to always use separate plate-washers for ELISA plates and Flurospot plates or would you say that it is overall ok to wash both ELISA plates and Flurospot plates with the same plate washer? 

Thanks a lot in advance for your help 



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Hi Sabrina,


The problem with using the same washer for both ELISA and FluoroSpot is that 1) the two methods normally use different buffers for washing (buffer with Tween for ELISA and without Tween for FluoroSpot) and 2) that you use different settings for how deep the tips go into the wells (should not go as deep in the membrane plates as in the regular ELISA plates). The latter can probably be handled via the software but then creates some room for mistakes. 


So while possible to use the same washer for the two methods, it is much more convenient to use separate ones and, I think. It iswell worth the investment at least if you run a decent number of both ELISA and FluoroSpot. Depending on the type of washer you buy they are also not that expensive. We ourselves use one called ELx50 from Biotek Instruments that is not terribly sophisticated but very reliable.


Kind regards,


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