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CD8 T cells & IFN gamma

Guest Mia

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Dear Mia, you have come to the right place! ELISpot is an excellent choice for detecting IFN-g secretion by CD8 T-cells in dogs. 


ELISpot is not a difficult method, especially if you use our kits called ELISpotPLUS. These come pre-coated with capture antibody so you are essentially guaranteed an optimal assay. All you need to think about is isolating your dog PBMCs in a good way, what cell culture medium to use, which antigens to test and at what number of cells per well to incubate. 


It is always good to start with some pilot experiments were you can titrate you cells and antigen to see where the optimum response can be found.


We have had a Dog IFN-g kit for some time now. It can be found here:




Nonetheless, we are actually to day launching a new, in-house developed system to Dog IFN-g. We can send you a sample plate for you to evaluate the system and technique. The launch letter is attached. 


Canine launch 29sep2016.pdf




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