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Hydrated too many ELISpot PLUS plates

Guest David

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I miscalculated the number of plates I needed for an experiment and hydrated/blocked too many plates. These pre-coated ELISpot PLUS plates have been washed with DPBS and incubated with serum-containing media for 1 hour at room temperature. Can these be stored and used in the future, and if so for how long? If they can be stored, please share the steps I should take to store them and any steps I should take before using the plates at a later time. Thanks!

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Hello David!

I have personally kept pre-coated plates like this for 48h and then done the assay without any issues. 

Longer storage times could be theoretically possible but that is nothing we have evaluated ourselves. Furthermore, please keep in mind:

- Some bacteria like to break down antibodies. If such a contamination have made it into one of the wells by help of the cell culture medium, this could end bad for the capture antibodies, drastically affecting the assay.

- With cell culture medium in all wells you still have evaporation when stored in 8C. Could be a good idea to wrap the edges of the lid with parafilm in order to minimise this effect.   

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