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Question about ASC ELISPOT or FLuorospot for sheep


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We would really appreciate if you could advice use about kits or reagents for assessing antibody secreting cells and Memory B cells from sheep PBMCs. As mentioned in another post, we are trying to do the same on cow PBMCs, but we need to purchase the reagents for doing the same in sheep.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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Dear Analia,

We unfortunatly do not have an ELISpot system against sheep IgG. 
Today, we offer ELISpot assays for sheep IFNg, IL-17A, IL-4 and IL-5. 

I will on the other hand go straight to our head of RnD tomorrow and ask about this and if there are any plans to develop such a system. 


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Hey again Analia,

We currently do not have sheep IgG in our pipeline at the moment. But I do have a recommendation of what you can try instead. 

Just we are clear, I do not know if this will work and we have not tested this ourselves, but Jackson have polyclonal antibodies against sheep IgG. This particular pab is against the FC part which ought to be a good start:


You can purchase it ALP conjugated or biontinylated. With only this pab you can coat with antigen and evaluate if you get good spotformation with this pab. 

You can also purchase both unconjugated and biotinyalted pab. Coat with unconjugated and detect using the biotinylated. Since this is a pab this could work well for assessing total IgG in ELISpot. 

But no guarantees that it will work!

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