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Buffer solution used for making coating anti human IgG for B cells ELISpot

Guest Syabila

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I would like to perform B Cells ELISpot using your product (Anti-human IgG mAbs (MT91/145), unconjugated. Would it be possible for you to explain how to prepare the coating buffer for making the coating solution? Is it okay to use the carbonate-bicarbonate buffer? It will be very helpful for us to the prepare the reagents. Thank you very much
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Hi there

Just to make sure, do you mean PBS 1x? And I am also curious about what is the reason for using the PBS instead of carbonate bicarbonate buffer? Since we aware that PBS and carbonate-bicarbonate buffer have a very different pH where carbonate-bicarbonate buffer is more alkaline than PBS.

I also want to make sure, is the concentration of EtOH needed to activate the PVDF plate is following the protocol provided by the plate manufacture?

Thank you

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Yes I mean PBS 1x. 

Antibodies are happier in PBS. 

Yes, the etoh concentration needed for PVDF membrane activation is provided by Millipore. More and more people are switching to pre-coated ELISpot plates and this is my strong recommendation. Guarantees optimal results. ELISpot most often goes wrong due to incorrect coating effects.  

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